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Passenger Lifts


Our lifts are the universal solution for transporting in multi-storey buildings. Our carefully selected components and proven sub-assemblies guarantee long, trouble-free operation. Our individually selected accessories will allow you to create an original and extraordinary design. Thanks to our stand-by functions and LED lighting, our elevators are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The cabins designed within standard dimensions allow freedom of planning and simplicity of installation. The wide choice of interior finishes make it easier to match our cabins to our client’s expectations. Thanks to the technology we use, our devices do not need an engine room. The control elements are integrated within the lift frame, which means that the devices do not need much space, while at the same time providing lower overall costs.


Our sizes of cabins with either one or two accesses allow their use in the most common shafts within most multi-storey buildings.

Engine room

Our gearless winch technology installed in the shaft head replaces the openeed for the usual upper engine room, which translates into lower construction costs.


Automatic doors with two telescopic panels are used in cabins and at stops.


LED lighting in the windows and cabin allows reduced electricity consumption.