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iLift Team

We have many years of experience working for crane companies. Our employees improve their skills by participating in training and expanding their knowledge of applicable standards in Poland and the European Union. Reliable research and improvement of ILIFT products under the supervision of the Office of Technical Inspection and TUV, using the acquired knowledge and ensuring the involvement of the entire team, allows our business partners to have a guarantee, safety and the feeling of having made a good choice.

Jerzy Rejkowski

CEO / CO-Owner

I started my adventure with lifts in the 70s, in the then Voivodship Enterprise of Electrical and Lift Works (WPREiDź-ie) in Gdynia. At that time, it was the largest lift company in Pomerania with several thousand lifts. It was the cradle of all Polish lift companies present in our region, as well as employees and managers who became involved in the lift industry, just like me. In WPRiDź, I went through all the levels of the profession of a ‘lifter’, and I started as a maintenance assistant. At the turn of 1989-1990, after political changes in Poland and the liquidation of the company, several dozen smaller, private lift companies were founded from the basis of this one company. Since then, other large lift companies have also entered the market. While working in one of them, I constantly improved my qualifications. Interestingly, my place of work has always been Gdynia. I like what I do, that’s why I work in this profession. It’s my passion and I enjoy it.

The ILIFT company where I currently work and am the President of, is a unique place because it is a family business. In our profession, it is very valuable that we can help the elderly, people with various disabilities or parents with children in prams. Each new lift or elevator installed and constructed, inside or outside the building, is often the only way for these people to safely and independently have access to the outside and enjoy life.

Privately, I have been a husband and grandfather of five grandchildren for over 40 years. The joy and satisfaction that my grandchildren give me is invaluable. My motto is “life is beautiful”. I like walking very much, especially along our seaside, because it is during this time that I can relax the most, it gives me peace of mind, balance of spirit and a kind of a bond with nature.

Sławomir Rejkowski


Work is a real passion for me. Building a company and relationships with people you respect and like is a great pleasure and my motivation. My father has been working in the lift industry all his life. As a result, I have memories of the lift engine rooms that my dad used to show me when I was a little boy. I used to love looking through those little rectangular glass widnows in the doors when I was in the elevator. At such moments, I remembered my father being at work and wondered how such elevators are constructed. As I grew older, there was a lot of talk at home about emerging markets, exciting new projects, and challenges. Today I feel that I have always been a part of it. I work and love what I do.

Privately, I am a father – I have two sons. My interests are: cycling, mountain walking and aviation.

Sylwia Popielarczyk

Office Manager

I have been a back office employee at ILIFT since July 2019. You can say that I ‘organize’ the back office and with my work I support all of the departments in the company. I am aware that I am participating in something that has great potential and will eventually achieve great success in the country, in Europe and across the world, and this makes my work fascinating for me. When ILIFT becomes a brand recognizable not only in Poland, I will be able to say that I was there from the beginning. I am a member of a great team, with a great man at its head, who constantly cares about continuous development.

Privately, I am a mother. In spring and summer, I grow vegetables and fruits on my garden plot. I like frequent trips to the forest to hunt for wild mushrooms or just to be in the bosom of nature. I appreciate the peace and quiet there. Traveling is also my passion.

Marcin Stelmach

Sales Director

I have been working with people for many years now and it’s my passion. Throughout my professional career, I have had the opportunity to co-create companies and carry out projects worldwide. I am a creative person who likes to motivate people and achieve goals together. I have experience in administration, finance, production, quality, logistics, and process optimization. I make decisions quickly and possess analytical skills. Working at iLIFT allows me to utilize all of my skills. 

My life motto is “Winners don’t make excuses.” In my personal and professional life, I achieve my goals. I have achieved the 1 DAN (black belt) rank in Kyokushin Karate. I train in triathlon daily. In 2018, I completed the IRONMAN competition in Copenhagen. In 2021, I rode about 700 km and climbed 18,000 meters in the BIKE TRANSALP race, which is considered one of the toughest MTB races in the world. By fulfilling myself in sports, I train to the limit of my abilities, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone every day, which ultimately translates into success in business. Whether swimming 4 kilometers, cycling 180 kilometers, running a marathon of 42 km, or riding 700 km in the mountains in an MTB race, I can say that nothing is impossible for me. If we decide on a goal and believe that we can achieve it, then we will definitely succeed.

Ewa Zielińska

Assembly and Service Director

I have been working in the elevator industry for 12 years, and each year has been a period of professional development and a source of great satisfaction. I specialize in project management, and although working on a project can be demanding, I find joy and satisfaction in this challenge.

Privately, I am a mother of three wonderful children, who are my greatest source of joy. I love physical activity. Regular exercise is not only a way for me to maintain good shape but also a source of energy and balance. In my free time, I enjoy reading books.

Tomasz Borda

Manager of IT Department

I am a physicist, engineer, creator of database systems with over 30 years of experience in software design and managing teams of programmers. I have also been involved with scientific research at the Gdańsk University of Technology, where I created a unique turbine cooling system for Rolls-Royce. I opened the first Apple representative office in Northern Poland. In ILIFT, I have found a noble synergy of a bold vision of the company’s development combined with strong business foundations. I am glad that I have been able to become part of this team of wonderful, open and creative people and that I can help build a very promising path for the company’s development.

Privately, I am the father of three daughters. My passion is ocean sailing, which allows me to explore the world and its inhabitants, as well as myself. I have sailed over 70,000 nautical miles, often in difficult expeditionary conditions in Antarctica and in the Arctic, and sometimes in long oceanic passages of the Pacific and Atlantic. I derive joy, peace and distance from these adventures – constantly admiring the beauty and strength of the majesty of nature in its most beautiful versions.

Piotr Kril


Creating a big company and being part of something big has always been my dream. Now I can do it in cooperation with people close to me, both family and friends. I believe that together we will achieve the goal of ILIFT’s worldwide reach.

Privately, I am a husband and a father. I teach my daughter to look at the world with wisdom. For a hobby, I ride motorcycles – currently Supermoto. At the moment I am competing in the Amateur class field, but I am thinking of going a step further. I am guided by the motto ‘Move Up’ not only in my professional but also in my private life.

Sławomir Kril

CEO / CO-Owner

I started my adventure in the lift industry at the age of 16, when my dad took me with him to his work. Today, I can admit that my work is also my pleasure.

Privately, I am a partner and father. I spend all of my free time with my family, because I feel the best in their company. With my loved ones, I forget about all my problems and I don’t need to think about everyday things.